Provide free feminine products in Ontario School Washrooms.

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This is a petition for equitable washrooms in schools by providing free feminine products so that both boys and girls can meet the needs of their everyday, normal bodily functions. Providing this ensures that girls can leave the washroom with their hygienic needs met.


We are grade 7 & 8 students in Orangeville, ON trying to make sure that all kids at school can have everything they need to tend to their needs while using the washroom at school.

We believe that bathrooms should provide every hygienic necessity, allowing everyone to leave the washroom with dignity while meeting their needs.

We put urinals in male washrooms because they have different needs than females, we need to provide for the different needs that women have. When you allow access to feminine products in washrooms, less girls miss class. It allows them to focus more on school. 

It would help avoid a number of potentionally embarrassing or vulnerable situations that girls get put in. These situations could be avoided if there is a supply of pads/tampons in the washroom. 

It also normalizes that it's a part of life that we need to take care of. All bathrooms are not created to meet everyone's needs, they should have free pads and tampons in them.

Help us make this happen!

Thank you,

Alisha and Aouie