Is K-Pop Flex a SCAM?

Is K-Pop Flex a SCAM?

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To all K-pop fans,

In the following text, the organisers behind K-pop Flex, SBS and K-pop.Europa (part of Live Company Group) will be referred to as K-pop Flex for brevity.

K-pop Flex weekend left us with many, contrasting feelings: excitement, happiness, but also disappointment and frustration, to say the least.

K-pop Flex lacked in organisation, respect for its customers who came from all over the world and transparency: schedule times were changed suddenly, concertgoers were put in danger by poor crowd and queues management, security was either lacking or stricter than permitted.

On 17 may K-pop Flex tweeted a post acknowledging some of the critical issues but did not issue a proper apology and asked for feedback to "ensure next year’s event goes beyond expectations".
K-pop Flex is planning more events in the future and already started selling tickets on Saturday, showing their lack of consideration for the k-pop fans that made all this possible and instead showing their strong interest in profits.

K-pop Flex organisation, regardless of specific responsibilities, needs to be held fully accountable for the mistreatments and misadvertisement of the event.

This petition will be updated with actions you may take to help, but for now we’d appreciate a signature showing your support.

Most of you already know what happened during the 14th and 15th of may 2022 but context will be provided below:

K-pop Flex was originally advertised as a 5 hours kpop festival with various k-pop artists.
As of 23 december 2021, on the general information & timing section of their site, the concert would start at 18:00 and end at 23:00.
Tickets were sold even before the full lineup was announced, with more tickets being released as more artists were revealed.
(G)I-DLE, MonstaX, NCT Dream, Enhypen, Mamamoo, AB6IX and Kai were announced.
All tickets were rapidly sold out and on 2 february Kpop Flex assured fans they were working on a ‘solution’.
On 14 february they announced a second date on Sunday which included IVE, ONEUS, (G)I-DLE and MonstaX.
MonstaX, as they announced on a separate post, would not be able to perform on saturday and would be substituted by IVE.
The final lineups for Saturday was IVE, Mamamoo, (G)I-DLE, NCT Dream, AB6IX, Enhypen, Kai, while the final sunday lineup was Mamamoo, (G)I-DLE, Dreamcatcher, IVE, MonstaX, AB6IX, Kai and ONEUS.
On 24 march the plans for the collateral event, Korea festival, were revealed on social media.
On 11 may, through Twitter, the organisation posted the opening times saying, quoted, ‘opening for stadium gates for concert’.
The schedule on their official site’s opening hours section was listed as such:
- Saturday: show start 18:00, show end 23:00
- Sunday: show start 13:00, show end 18:40

Despite the usage of the word "show", which may seem generic, K-pop Flex was still advertised as being a concert with a collateral Korea festival taking place on the Deutsche Bank Park premises, outside of the central stadium where the concert would take place for the entirety of the hours.
On the morning of 14 may, the first day of the festival, it was communicated via Twitter that ONEUS would not be able to perform on Sunday due to COVID-19. K-pop Flex failed to mention this the day prior, when the news was announced by RBW themselves.

At 13:40 pm K-pop Flex tweets the schedule of the saturday show which is revealed to be very different than what the concertgoers paid for and what the concert was advertised as: now set to start at 20 and end at 22:15, a 5 hours concert turned out to be 2:15 hours.
The total time the performers had was 15 to 30 minutes.
The Sunday schedule was unofficially revealed through published photos of a small ring book which was sold by official vendors.
Sunday’s schedule was now 16:05-18:20.
K-pop Flex proceeded to announce, at 14:31, that a pre-show would take place in the two hours prior to the concert, when the concert was supposed to start.
The pre-show on Saturday consisted in almost the exact same performances people were able to see during Korea Fest outside the stadium (dance performances, hanbok show, etc.) and streaming of various popular kpop videos.
On Sunday, this was not the case, and only the dance crew Shapgang performed for less than 10 minutes and then entertained the public with a random dance challenge for a couple minutes before being interrupted harshly. The stadium was left in complete silence, broken by a couple streamed Kpop MVs, for more than 1 hour.
At 14:35 K-pop Flex tweeted that the show would start at 15, leaving fans that planned their commute to reach the stadium by 16 in panic.
A lot of concertgoers missed Mamamoo and Dreamcatcher.
The concert ended suddenly before the scheduled time, at 5:30.
Some acts that took place on saturday were unexpectedly cut, like Solar and Daehwi cover of Let It Go and the artists greeting at the end of the concert. 

Prior to the event, K-pop Flex announced that people visiting the concert and Korea Fest would only be allowed to bring a 500 ml Tetra Pak of water.
Deutsche Bank Park allows people to bring any liquid that is not aerosol or dangerous, so this rule did not come from the venue itself but was the organisation’s idea.
On the premises of the fest/concert, free water refills and refills stations were promised through twitter posts.
In one particular Twitter post, now deleted, a member of the staff is shown filling a 0.5 lt cup with  bottled water while a girl is waiting with 20 euros in her hand. Those staff members sold a cup of water for 7,50 euros. Also, ATM devices to pay by credit card had technical issues and did not work properly that made it impossible for people to pay.
The "refill stations" were 4 faucets in the terrain among the food stalls which were not signalled and were overflowing.
Food was provided but the promised stalls of traditional Korean cuisine were not enough for 40000 people per day.
People were not allowed to bring any food from the outside but were allowed to bring food bought in the premises of the park inside the stadium.
At the entrance, not every bag was checked (putting lots of people in serious danger) and the ones which were checked were quickly emptied of items that were not forbidden by any venue or event rules such as sunblock and some water containers which were compliant with the rules.
Due to the weather conditions, the lack of proper crowd management and lack of sustainable food/water options a lot of people fainted or felt too ill to stand.
Some people were rescued while others were mocked by security and ignored.
When rescued, some people were denied water when asking in english, ignored and told that there wasn’t any more.
The people who were under the stage were offered water from a bottle that needed to be shared among strangers. This was beyond inappropriate in normal conditions, let alone in a pandemic.

People having early entry tickets would need to go and collect a wristband and then began to hunt because there was no sign of posting that would help you find where you’re supposed to get your wristband. The one information was a little bit of a map that K-pop Flex posted on Twitter. A lot of people complained that the staff were not available to provide enough bracelets (out of stock) or be given the wrong wristband because everyone was be able by the staff to pick any wristband colour not matter what was determinated on the ticket.  Each wristband colour correlated to a certain section and place (green= zone 1), (blue=zone 2) and yellow=zone 3). People present into the Early Entry zone were wearing random wristband colors because they let everyone inside without checking.

Whether you went to K-pop Flex or not, please refrain from supporting their events until a resolution is found.
We know how much you all desire to see their favourite singers live but we can’t make the same mistake twice, not until K-pop Flex is held accountable and promises to do better.

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