We do NOT tolerate animal torture videos

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Film, audio and video content which features the torture or slaughter of animals specifically considered a house pet such as a dog, cat, rabbit, rodent, bird, ie any animal  that is not typically used as a primary source of meat for nourishment this type of video content should violate the terms of service. if a person produces content deemed as specifically torture or slaughter of a house pet, the offending party should fall under swift and ultimate penalty, having all of their content deleted / banned, their entire channel would suffer immediate termination without warning or dispute. This would not include livestock or beasts slain for use of food production, traditional sport and licensed hunting, fishing or videos pertaining to  the peaceful  euthanization of a sick or suffering animal, it is strictly focused on torture and "murder" or slaughter of house pets ie dogs cats rodents birds fish kept as pets or any animal that is not in the wild. Specifically a pet animal , who is designated as so or animals traditionally thought of as house pets. The target offending videos would be such as the torture or slaughter of any animal that would suffer unnecessary trauma, videos which would fall under the category of serving no other purpose than to cause an animal cruel intentional  suffering, pain, extended duress or aggravation and or loss of life with no other benefit than recording these events on film, audio or video for entertainment purposes. These types of recordings should not be tolerated, instituting swift and complete termination of public access and the users entire account . All incriminating records would then instigate further investigation before a  proper authority to then determine weather the case warrents further action. if deemed appropriate law enforcement / civil authorities would need to asses whether further treatment or legal charges may be in order considering where this type of behavior ultimately has lead in past cases. Google search " peluchin entertainment cat torture youtube video chile " but be warned , better yet , take my word , follow your heart on this matter , and do not google this unless you are prepared for THE WORST . We do NOT tolerate animal torture videos .