Stop the procecution of those who are saving lifes in the Mediterranean Sea!

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If captain Pia Klemp and 9 other crew members of the private rescue ship "Iuventa" were sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in Italy for the rescue of drowning people on the Mediterranean Sea, that would be the unconditional surrender of humanity in Europe. It is bad enough that Nazi rabble-rousers and politically ruthless parties are rallying against empathy and compassion, but the fact that even political opponents are now to be silenced by jurisdiction, unfortunately is remeniscent of the fascist beginnings of the Nazi era. This is an injustice to all the people in need who, out of desperation, flee across the Mediterranean Sea and risk their lives.Returning to Libyan refugee camps with the prospect of prevailing corruption, torture and human trafficking is not an option for those who were rescued!

In today's community of values, failure to provide help is punishable, while the help itself is, fortunately, not - at least not yet. In order to keep it that way, I ask you to sign this petition in solidarity with all courageous and committed helpers and to make an appeal to the right-wing Italian Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, to acquit the rescuers immediately! Please help to finance the expensive lawsuit. I kindly ask you to support Pia and her Crew financially:

In my eyes, every single human life has the same value, which is why it is indispensable to help those in need. We shall never be forced to rethink these moral concepts due to possible punishments! Silence is no longer an option!

Resist the beginnings. For a strong and liberal democracy.

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