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We demand changes to child abuse laws and sentencing.

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Over 3000 children die in the United States on yearly average.Changes in the sentencing grid for child murder and or homicides. We need no less than life sentence on child homicides and murders. We respectfully ask you evaluate and make changes to the sentencing grid.

1) If Any Person kills a child during the act of abuse and or neglect should automatically be first degree Murder and should never get less then life in prison and we prefer the death sentence.If an adult is hitting/shaking a child they intend to harm the child therefore if the child dies it is intentional.


2)Social services need to be held accountable for negligence in leaving children in dangerous situations after a report has been made. They should get prison time for the death of a child that they have visited and left in the abusive home.


3)Stricter sentences on first time offenders who got caught with out the death of a child physically abusing and or neglecting their childs needs.


4)Any person who kills or child dies due to negligence that reports them kidnapped gets an mandatory sentence of 20 years.


5)If a child test positive for drugs at birth,moms in prison for child abuse, terminate parental rights quit sending children back to abusive situations.


6)If a parent has left an abusive partner courts have no right sending a child for anything more then a supervised visit.


7)If a parent has physically, sexually abused and or neglected a child to the point it affects their health that abusive parent or neglectful parent looses their parental rights.Better a broken home than a dead child.


8)Unattended children under the age of 5 place in foster homes temporarily while an investigation is completed to make sure the child is not taking a backseat to addiction.


9)In the event a child is claimed to be kidnapped or missing remove the other children in the home immediately place them in foster care.


10)If the mother or father are living not wed to someone who is not the childs father or mother and has a known history of violence and the child is harmed or killed the mother should face equal charges for putting her child in danger.

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