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In view of the fact that Congress & The Senate wasted a year of precious taxpayers' time on a document that is thousands of pages long, that works right into the pockets of the insurance industry & the pharmaceutical companies, held closed door sessions, & we still don't know what they have proposed and as many of us do not sleep at night because of foreclosures, unemployment & basic service cut backs I believe that:

All US Senators & US Congressmen, the Executive branch, the Cabinet, & the Judiciary should take responsibility for themselves by paying their own health insurance & life insurance, take a 15% cut in pay, a 25% cut in pensions which will only be good for ten years.

If you cannot afford this proposal perhaps you are not cut out to be a public servant.


Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
President of the United States
While you waste time we are falling into a worse economic situation everyday.
George Washington stayed on the front lines hungry, cold, & wet with his troops. What do you do? Live a decent life with guaranteed salaries & lifetime benefits that We the People pay for.
When John Kerry said he wanted the US citizens to have the same insurance he had George W Bush snickered right to our faces. That is what you do.
Has it not occurred to any of you that "affordable" mandatory health insurance is not affordable to many of us? I think you should walk that you are going to force us to walk.

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