"WE CAN BREATHE Youth Leadership Center" in Minneapolis

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To Mayor Jacob Frey, City of Minneapolis, Senator Bobby Champion, Representative Fue Lee and Hennepin County Commissioners

“We Can’t Breathe” coalition was created in the wake of the George Floyd incident as a collective cohesiveness to his last words "I Can't Breathe". This coalition will commit to advocate for social justice and equality for all. So phrases of "I Can't Breathe", will fester Minneapolis to breathe the vapors of inclusion, social justice and no police brutality. Hence, the "We Can Breathe Community Leadership Center" in North Minneapolis.

In the City of Minneapolis, youth and young adults of color are omitted when it comes to making community and political decisions regarding our lives. The majority of the youth in North Minneapolis, come from poverty stricken homes, traumatic experiences and lack of knowledge and skills that will repel them to a better quality of life. This community center will empower youth and young adults to build rapports with Minneapolis City Council, State and Local Representatives for North Minneapolis and become familiar with the various Community Association Boards to become members.

The community center will offer training to promote knowledge in the following areas: Life Insurance Workshops, 101 Financial Literacy, Engage in Community Boards, Value Building Classes, Trauma Informed Support Groups, Computer Labs, Tutoring Based on Learning Style, Legal/Injustice Support, Wellness & Grief Programs, and a State-of-the- Art Multi-Media Art Program that will include all forms of Art. (Dance, Paint, Music, Video, Spoken Word , Hip Hop Workshops).

This community center will make a major impact on the Northside, because there's limited places that people of color can go to receive supportive services where they can truly be understood. The youths generation of today has varying ways of communicating, learning and solving issues. A lot of agencies feel threatened when youth and young adults come to their agencies for help. They take their biases and decide if this person should get help. A lot of youth and young adults in Minneapolis are from broken family units and have not been able to effectively express themselves.

This community center will serve as a catalyst for African American youth. We need this site as it's a part of African American heritage in North Minneapolis. So please join us in the petition to have the "We Can Breathe Community Leadership Center" at 1256 Penn Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55411.