We Ask the Calgary Board of Education to create an Anti-Racism Task Force

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In partnership with the Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundation.

We are asking the Calgary Board of Education to be a leader in rooting out all forms of systemic racism from its educational structures. The public-school system has been a tool for governments to perpetuate the problematic ideologies of the past onto our youth, directly allowing them to continue them into our future. Now in many cases this does not take the form of teachers using racial slurs or systems of segregation being outlined in policy, but rather, it takes the form of a Eurocentric curriculum, unconscious bias in practice and punishment, and a pure lack of representation from the minority communities that fill the classrooms of CBE schools in teaching and administration positions. How can we ask students to engage in a system they are so clearly not represented in?

We are asking the Calgary Board of Education to establish an Anti-Racism Task Force (Not just an empty committee) to collect data based on race, gender, socio-economic status, and other historic barriers to education. The Anti-Racism Task Force would then work with this data to analyze problematic policies and practices within the CBE, create a locally developed Anti-Racism course, and to truly create the meaningful change we are calling for in the streets.

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