Stop the OVERDEVELOPMENT and PRIVATISATION of Bronte Beach and Park

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We strongly believe that Waverley Council’s proposal for the redevelopment of Bronte Surf Life Saving Club, as it stands, does NOT best represent the needs of the Bronte community as a whole - for reasons including:

  1. Council proposes the development of a structure with a footprint that is simply TOO BIG - roughly twice the size of the existing club. This will lead to the destruction of public space and parkland for use by the broader Bronte community and beach users.
  2. The structural overdevelopment will dominate the beachfront and significantly impact the natural aesthetic of Bronte Beach and Park.
  3. The new footprint will also see the destruction of public amenities such as picnic and BBQ spaces within Bronte Park, all of which are utilised by beachgoers throughout the year on a regular basis.
  4. The proposal includes a commercial kitchen and large function room, raising concerns relating to the potential for commercial and privatised revenue raising all year round. Such activity would bring large waves of people to an area already stretched to the brink by huge numbers of visitors, disturb residents and other park users, and put even more pressure on the constrained availability of parking.
  5. Council proposes to demolish and relocate the historically and socially significant Dave Brown Place. This heritage nominated memorial, built in 1974 in honour of Waverley resident and Rugby League Immortal Dave Brown, is the spiritual home of the Bronte Boardriders Club, a grassroots organisation with hundreds of members that has produced internationally renowned professional surfers and both state and Australian champions.

We support a vision for the redevelopment of the surf club and surrounding amenities, and we recognise the important role surf lifesaving plays in our coastal communities. However, we strongly believe that the current proposal has been made without adequate consideration of the broader community’s concerns.

We are of the reasonable view that a design incorporating more efficient storage solutions and use of space to accomodate the needs of the surf lifesaving club within the existing building’s footprint would be more appropriate. We are concerned about the loss of public green space and the impact of a disproportionately large building on the natural aesthetic of the beach and park.

PLEASE sign the petition to help stop the overdevelopment and commercialisation of Bronte Beach and Park, and preserve this special place for generations to come. Thank you for your support.