Stop Amalfi Beach Club taking over space on Bondi Beach for Financial Gain

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SAY NO to Amalfi Beach club's proposal to Waverley Council to reserve a section of a part of Bondi Beach for paying customers for financial gain

  • On an ordinary pre-Covid day in Summer, Bondi is packed to the hilt, with approximately 40,000 people visiting the beach so reserving even 2% of the beach space (if this is even accurate) displaces at least 800 from the beach in favour of a handful of the elite who can afford it
  • Add to this COVID where social distancing will already reduce the number of people who can visit the beach during summer, and the fact that most people will now need to stay local, this proposal is quite simply un-Australian.  
  • People were already turned away from Bondi on the labour day weekend as the beach was too crowded this isn't even the height of summer
  • Amalfi's business case indicates the cost will be approximately $80 per person for 2 hours and is targetting top income earners.  This is before they have added additional fee to service customers with food and drink from surrounding businesses. There is only one party standing to gain from this proposal and it's Amalfi.