Build the Bondi Junction Cycleway

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Build the Bondi Junction Cycleway

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Started by BIKEast

The Bondi Junction Cycleway is a key element in the local bike plan and state government cycle strategy for Sydney - with the common objective of getting more people to cycle more often - for reasons of public safety, health and economic wellbeing.

The Waverley Bike Plan 2013 clearly supports the increase of trips made by bicycle and especially aims to support women and inexperienced bike riders who are known to be particularly deterred by lack of protected paths from existing traffic.

This Bondi Junction Cycleway will be the first significant element of the Bike Plan's Priority Route 1: Bondi Beach to Bondi Junction to CBD, and the state government has committed $5 million to its completion. The key benefits include:

Safety: protecting people riding bikes by separating them from cars, trucks and buses + protecting pedestrians by diverting cyclists away from shared / pedestrian only areas ;

Health: active transport is healthier for the community;

Environment: more people riding bikes = less noise and air pollution in local environment

Shopping: people riding bikes can and will stop and shop locally. More people riding bikes to the shops means less congestion on the roads and competition for parking spaces.

Good bike facilities attract more people onto their bikes.

The petitioners call on Waverley Councillors to ensure that the design and construction of the Bondi Junction Cycleway proceeds based on the concept designs presented to Council in 2015.

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This petition had 620 supporters

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