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The University of Warwick must be held accountable for racism within its walls.

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*These demands have come directly from students who have worked with the Warwick Anti-Racism Society all year*


0 Tolerance policy when it comes to racism – We want the University of Warwick to review their entire policy on racism and discrimination. Racism is not being dealt with on campus effectively, as these acts occur throughout the academic year, every year. Warwick Accommodation specifically in regards to this latest incident has shown their incompetence. If the university is committed to diversity and ensuring the safety of students of colour, this review is urgently needed.

The university also has a responsibility not just to the safety of BME students on campus, but to those who travel overseas. The policy review must also include some function for educating/warning BME students who are planning on doing a year abroad, of what extra cultural challenges they might face when moving into a white space which isn't familiar to them. Look at the shift to the right in social attitudes right across Europe as a result of this refugee crisis - having a British passport or other won't protect us from the - often more visceral - discrimination to be encountered there.

Liberated curriculum – The education we receive at Warwick University is Eurocentric and alienating to students of colour. Academia continues to perpetuate theories and ideologies based on the white male cis experience. This leads to an inability to understand other perspectives to other perspectives, and a complete dismissal of the large amounts of thought provoking work produced throughout history by non-white thinkers and scholars. A liberated curriculum will benefit students and wider society, as well as tackling the age-old problem of discrimination, as we begin to learn and understand the experience of other students we are better placed to see the world from a pluralistic viewpoint. We want academic departments to be diverse and inclusive by having at least 25% of their sources from non-white male academics.

Representation – BME students are not represented in many areas across the university. Warwick boasts that the student population is diverse, but why is this not seen in other spaces and levels the University? This ranging from academic departments, senior roles and SU positions. We want the University of Warwick to directly challenge the lack of representation in all areas of the university.



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