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War's forgotten: Tripoli Zoo animals suffer, lacking food, water - Naresh Kadyan

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Tripoli’s Zoo Animals Abandoned During Libya’s Conflict needs attention:

The Tripoli Zoo was abandoned during fighting in Libya’s capital last week. Left to fend for themselves during the chaos, the zoo animals weren’t given food or water for seven days. Although the fighting has ended, the animals are still in crisis. With low resources and few workers, the animals aren’t getting enough food. What’s worse: there is almost no fresh water, and in the sweltering summer heat of Northern Africa, fresh water is a necessity for survival. Read on for more information and a video detailing the plight of these zoo animals. Through Global Animal Foundation, the nonprofit charity arm of Global Animal, we are currently searching for organizations on the ground and effective ways to take action. Please keep checking back to see what you can do to help these animals in need. — Global Animal and OIPA in India representative Naresh Kadyan


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