Make another Powerpuff Girls movie

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It's 2018 and the Powerpuff Girls have now been around for 20 years! I think to celebrate this, we should get a sequel to the Powerpuff Girls Movie. It can even have the girls' orginal voice actors returning for this movie. I also have a couple other ideas for the movie:

- Because Mojo Jojo was the villain of the first movie, someone else can be the villain of the second movie. I suggest it should be either Princess or HIM.

- The Rowdyruff Boys appear in this movie, but want to be good guys. It could either be because they begin to develop feelings for the PPGs or they start to feel guilty about what they've been doing.

- The Powerpunk Girls make their first canon appearance.

- The movie marks the return of Bunny, this time looking like a normal Powerpuff Girl.

- Film ends with at least one Powerpuff/Rowdyruff pairing becoming official. I'm hoping it's BubblesxBoomer that becomes canon but that's just me.

So please make the second movie happen!