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Walmart is becoming a monopoly and it needs to be stopped!

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Nowadays it seems like everywhere I drive there's a Wal-Mart. It's almost like I see as many Wal-Marts as I once did Arbor Drugs. For every Wal-Mart I see there is only a "couple" of small businesses around it. Obama needs to realize that part of our "economic crisis" is too many Wal-Marts, too close together. They are creating a monopoly to a point where no small business can survive let alone start.

On the contrary I am all for building Sam's Clubs as there aren't as many of them as Wal-Marts and Sam's Club actually helps the small business owner, and you also need to purchase an annual membership to join.

However I also don't think it's right that Wal-Marts are being allowed to be built next to/across from any Sam's Club. It really defeats the purpose of the Sam's Club helping small businesses because the Wal-Mart ends up putting them out of business...

In the Detroit News Paper today Walmart said that metro Detroit is an "attractive" market and plans to put stores in Livonia, Canton, Southgate and Novi within the next year. If you go to the website under store locator you can clearly see that there are "already" walmarts located in Livonia and Canton.

Michigan has been one of the hardest hit states by the economy and building more Walmarts here is certainly not going to help one bit. We need to be giving tax breaks to small business owners to jump start the economy and stop giving Walmart all the breaks to build here.

Wal-Mart is also one of the largest retailers of outsourced goods. How can we promote a healthy American economy if the largest retailer is the largest outsourcer of goods and jobs? Wal-Mart is creating a monopoly that's definitely not within the best interest of the American people.

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