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That is held accountable for theft.

This petition had 2,287 supporters is stealing content and printing it as a service to anyone who wants a photo they find online. They state that they are not making money from these services and that content is sent to them and they print for that buyer. They are overstepping the rightful owners of the content that is being sold on their page, and we demand that this stops, and that we protect the rightful owner of the content and our brand, Dark Beauty™. We demand that all content that is posted and supported on the page, or or any of our social networks is not allowed or permitted on their page to an audience to purchase. This content is not their rightful property and it is stealing for a monetary gain, This is against the law! NO business should be allowed to post content anywhere online or in physical form unless they are granted permission from the artist. We do not support this type of behavior and we demand that this stop IMMEDIATELY! 

Art is not free, it's the property of the creator and that no business will have the right to use this art unless given permission and written authorization to post or use the content for the purpose of supporting that artist. 

Theft is not allowed, anywhere, it shouldn't be allowed by

Please support us, build more awareness and sign this petition. 

Topher Adam
Editor and Chief
Dark Beauty™


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