Stop the Proposed Building Plans for 1875 Hwy 34 in Wall Twp NJ

Stop the Proposed Building Plans for 1875 Hwy 34 in Wall Twp NJ

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Started by Allyson McGovern

Wall Township, NJ 
1875 Highway 34 - The Sand Pits - McDowell Mining Property
Off of West Hurley Pond Rd between 34 and Farmingdale

There is a proposed plan to develop approximately 1.5 million square feet of warehouse space (Amazon) across 9 buildings. Please help us to show our local Wall twp zoning, environment and building departments to NOT allow this. We’ve already seen surveyors and markers set in the area.

They propose to widen Hurley Pond to a 4 lane highway to better suite the endless line of delivery semi-trucks which will add to the existing traffic from 34 to GSP, especially in the summer. The buildings and connecting roads will be far too close to existing properties and families who have lived here for generations. It is going to ruin these neighborhoods on West Hurley Pond and throughout Carmerville Rd as well as the St. Rose High School fields. Our roads and properties already flood enough due to our high water table, our power grid is already incredibly weak, forcing residents to have generators, and with a commercial warehouse it will not only make this issue worse but also contaminate our runoff and increase the air, soil, and noise pollution. This area is well and septic so our grounds and runoff need to be intact and sustained. If they build a warehouse they will want large carrier planes to land at the airport across the street at Monmouth Jet Center. As a resident this will ruin the wildlife, ecosystems, and the quiet nook of this neighborhood will fall to unneccessary corporate waste. Please help us stop this!

2,032 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!