Keep School Resource Officers

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The front line grows weary and is calling for your help! The silent masses remain silent while the anarchy continues. With all that has transpired, they are now calling for the removal of School Resource Officers in Wake County.

A petition has been allegedly submitted with 6500 (4% or less) students (past/present) that are asking for SRO’s to be removed. To put that into perspective... small towns “may” have well over 10,000 actively enrolled students alone with roughly 160,471 total, as of 2018-2019!!! So where are the tens of thousands of supporters!?!?!

School Resource Officers are the FRONT LINE that protect our children and grandchildren from the threat of mass shootings. Research proves that the mere encounter with law enforcement significantly reduces the chances of continued mass violence and saves lives.

There are those that would have you believe that contact with law enforcement is negative. The SRO program began and continues to prove DAILY to the contrary! SRO’s provide safety and security; however, that is only a fraction of their worth. They are role models and mentors. They are fathers and mothers to those without. They are protectors of those preyed upon and counselors to those in pain. They are seekers of justice for those victimized and sanctuary for those that live in fear.

Our School Resource Officers are often times the only sense of normalcy some children receive. They make it cool to be unique. They bring together crowds that would otherwise segregate themselves. They arrive on duty before our children and leave after them. They come to sporting events, dances, rally’s and fundraising! They bring smiles and joy to those that are lacking. They treat every person uniquely and equally. They do ALL of this for the opportunity to put their lives in harms way FIRST when the threats arise!

So I’m asking you to STAND UP! As a father and parent I’m begging for you to extend your voices and be heard! Write your board and demand officers stay and protect our children. If we choose to remain silent now, we are making the conscious choice of leaving our children defenseless!

The unnecessary funeral of one innocent child is an UNACCEPTABLE price to pay!