Save our Little Penguins

Save our Little Penguins

5 May 2021
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Mark McGowan (WA Premier & Member for Rockingham) and 4 others
Signatures: 26,702Next goal: 35,000
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Why this petition matters

Started by Dawn Jecks

Join us as we call on our political leaders to help save our little penguins

They’re every bit as Rockingham as the Swinging Pig pub. But can you imagine Penguin Island with no wild little penguins?

Well that’s the direction we’re headed in unless serious action is taken now by our political leaders including local member Premier Mark McGowan and new WA Environment Minister Reece Whitby, who is also the local member for Baldivis. 

Sadly, the little penguins of Penguin Island are in serious trouble. In just 13 years, their numbers have plummeted by 80% from 1600 pairs in 2007 to just 300 pairs in 2020.

These little Aussie battlers are one of the most northern populations of Little Penguins in Australia – a very special grouping that is thought to be genetically unique. As our climate heats impacting the availability of their food sources, their breeding patterns and the vegetation they need for their nesting sites on Penguin Island, they need all the help they can get.

But the managers of Penguin Island and the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park – the WA Government’s Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) - appear to have given up on this population.

They say the plummeting numbers is all down to climate change and there’s little they can do. But this is not true – many of the penguin deaths are completely preventable and we think the government can do better and do plenty. Will you join us in our call to improve the management of Penguin Island and surrounds so our Little Penguins are protected properly and their population is able to recover and grow?

We need to see DBCA urgently implement a major revamp of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park management plan. This plan was supposed to be updated in 2017 but we are still waiting. We need this new plan to properly address the ongoing threats to little penguins including boat strikes, over development of the island and human disturbances. In fact, we’d like to see a dedicated, science-backed recovery plan for little penguins developed and implemented that states the threats, recovery measures, targets and timeline. 

If you agree, join us in urging the WA government to take action and sign this petition.

Sign now to help stop this devastating decline of our local battlers!

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Signatures: 26,702Next goal: 35,000
Support now

Decision makers

  • Madeleine KingShadow Minister for Trade
  • Mark McGowanWA Premier & Member for Rockingham
  • Reece WhitbyWA Minister for Environment
  • Mark WebbDepartment of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions Director General
  • Roger CookWA Minister for Tourism