FIFO workers NEED to be exempt. They should have the right to work AND fly home!

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As FIFO wives and partners we need to join together to actively do something about the lack of empathy when it comes to our families!

We want them to be able to come home and see their children, fur babies and most of all US, without having to apply 16 times to gain re-entry. They are travelling for WORK. The money they earn puts food on the table and pays bills. Most of OUR families are one income earned. We do FIFO for many reasons. Its not just a get another job close to home situation! Or up and relocate situation! FIFO is our lives and our livelihood!

Others also want to join our husbands and partners and we want to be able to do that freely without having to jump through hoops to enter states. We are happy to follow the rules! We just want entry granted first application! 

We want the right to choose a suitable location to quarantine that's affordable and suited to bringing young children over.

We want to be able to Drive or Fly or whatever suits each individual family.

This is tearing families apart! the last I knew AUSTRALIA is ONE country!

Lets band together to get something changed!

Sign so we can get exemptions for FIFO Workers and FIFO Families in all states!