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Why this petition matters

Started by Saitama Community

The purpose of this petition is to request Voyager lists Saitama on their platform for trading purposes.

Saitama, and its community, has witnessed an exponential growth within the past 6 months. From passing a $1B Market Cap, to now being up over 433,726% from the all time low.

Now, at the start of 2022, Saitama just passed over 300,000 loyal holders. Here is some of the reasons Voyager should consider listing Saitama.

  • Saitama has a fully doxxed and transparent development team. Registered in Texas, USA, Saitama LLC strives to be as legitimate and transparent with its investors as much as possible.
  • Saitama has had exceptional growth not just in the market cap aspect, but also in its holder growth.
  • Saitama is not a stagnant project. The developers are always working on a future project. More recently, SaitaMask, the revolutionary hot storage wallet with a native swap. But 2022 promises a full scale video game called WolfCaster by Saitama Studios.
  • Listing Saitama on your exchange promises impressive volume as many would like an easier was of trading Saitama directly.
  • Be one of the first major exchanges to list and enjoy a high level of traffic transferring over until your competitors list. 

If you support this petition, please go ahead and sign. Our voice is also crucial in being heard. So please be respectful in contacting Voyager to notify them about your desire of trading Saitama on their platform.


(This petition was created by community request. Please also go ahead and support our #BinanceListSaitama petition with 15,000 signatures in just 3 days.)

173 have signed. Let’s get to 200!