3 January 2022
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Binance (Crypto Currency Exchange) and
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Why this petition matters

Started by Saitama Community

The purpose of this petition is to simply request that Binance considers listing Saitama Token. 

Saitama and it's community has witnessed an exponential growth within the past 6 months. From passing a $1B Market Cap to now being up over 433,726% from the all time low.

Now, at the start of 2022, Saitama has reached 300,000 loyal holders. Here are just some of the several reasons that Binance should consider listing Saitama on it's platform.

  • The community has dealt with all sorts of high and lows, but have remained dedicated as they believe in Saitama's vision for the future. During that time, the proudly and fully transparent development team has undergone several audits, the most recent and major one being Certik. This is to continue the trend of transparency, but also increase confidence for major exchanges like Binance.
  • The developers view themselves as investors - because they are too. So they host regular AMAs on YouTube, Twitter Spaces, Telegram and more.  They also held a Vegas event and are planning to host more. The goal is to be as close as possible with the community and understand their feedback about the project - something not many other projects are willing to do.
  • Saitama also has one of the best holder/wallet distributions out there. The developers themselves are investors and there is not a single wallet with over 2% total supply. With time, Saitama's wallet distribution has become wider and wider, with less major whales able to create volatility.
  • Saitama doesn't aim to just be another utility token like the rest out there, it is aiming to create change in the world, especially for the youth. With the goal of empowering and educating youth about investing and understanding the risks and rewards of crypto, it will better allow them to make wiser decisions earlier on in life and benefit later on in life.
  • Saitama has, and continues to hold countless charity events around the United States, but also, around the world. And the most recent exclusive partnership with LilyFinance, directly aimed at making medical procedure payments more streamline and efficient via LilyToken within the Saitama Ecosystem. 
  • #SaitamaGivesBack not only via the charity events, but through partnerships with Blaze Fire Games and the National Retired League of Basketball players through NFTs. Giving an opportunity for the forgotten legends of the NBA to be remembered through the crypto community.
  • Saitama was also featured as sponsor for the Gervonta Davis boxing fight on Gervonta's trunks. During that event, the developers met with Floyd Mayweather's team. The mentors of Gervonta Davis's success.
  • SaitaMask wallet featuring a swap/stake utility, launches on the 8th of January. On top of that, the next updates feature a market place, NFT maker and education zone all in development.
  • SaitaSafe an upcoming physical wallet with a touchscreen, able to display one's own NFTs. (Also in development).
  • Be one of the first major exchanges! We know Binance's direct competitors would immediately consider listing Saitama afterwards to have a share of the FOMO. So why not be first in line, Binance?

I, and many others in the community think it's time Saitama begins to be recognized as an impactful and generational project. It is therefore we kindly request Binance and Changpeng Zhao to consider our project and list us. 

We believe the volume and growth we have largely done on our own speaks volumes about the strength of our community. But, with the partnership of Binance, it further strengthens our growth but also, provides Binance with a large amount of volume as many traders still prefer the traditional means of trading on major exchanges like Binance.

Thanks to Binance's simplicity of use and world-known recognition as the top exchange out there, many Saitama investors would love to buy directly from Binance!

The reality is Saitama continues to innovate and create excitement for it's holders. The team have a busy road ahead of them, but have consistently kept their promises. Starting the year off with #SaitaMask is merely the beginning of this project's journey! 

If you agree with this petition, please share it as frequently as you can. Be respectful to Binance and Changpeng Zhao but also make your voice heard!

Be sure to use #BinanceListSaitama and #Saitama to increase the trends on social media surrounding this matter.

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Signatures: 18,703Next goal: 25,000
Support now