Vote No2Tebow - Safeguard Texas Homeschool Freedom OPPOSE SB640 and HB1323

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Vote No2Tebow - Safeguard Texas Homeschool Freedom OPPOSE SB640 and HB1323

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No2Tebow started this petition to Governor of Texas Greg Abbott and

Texas enjoys the greatest homeschool freedom in the nation. However, the proposed Tebow Bills (homeschool student inclusion  in UIL activities) would introduce the FIRST EVER state-mandated standardized testing of any Texas homeschoolers in our history which will restrict parental rights. Furthermore, this requirement would be discriminatory as Public Schooled Students are NOT required to take a test in order to prove eligibility for UIL activities. And no, public school students are NOT required to take a standardized test to graduate to the next grade in school. SB 640 and HB 1323 explicitly expand No Pass No Play requirements on Homeschooled students ONLY and could have a negative effect on other Extracurricular Activities such as 4-H.

HSLDA (the Home School Legal Defense Association) has issued statements OPPOSING SB640 and HB1323, the proposed Tebow Bills. They recognize the dangers presented to homeschoolers by the language in these bills.

You can learn more about this bill at
The law is nicknamed for Tim Tebow who was homeschooled in Florida. It’s worth noting that in Florida, homeschoolers are required to register, test and do portfolios for the public school superintendents to review and decide if the child can continue to homeschool. Other states with "Tebow Bills" also have restrictive homeschool regulations. Homeschoolers in Texas overwhelmingly do not want more restrictions on their homeschooling freedoms.

Join parents in this fight against Austin lobbyists to overcome more regulation toward our homeschool freedoms. We need your help to reach our goal. You can help by:
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4. Call your Representatives and let them know you do not want this bill when it is proposed in the next legislative session. Find your Representatives here:

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Text of the Tebow Bill in SB 640, can be found here.

  *Please include your name, address, city and state for verification by the legislature. All personal information is needed for representatives to verify, but will not be shown in the general public.


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This petition had 1,436 supporters

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