Vote against traps in Belarus!

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Vote against traps in Belarus!

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We kindly ask you to support the campaign against traps.

Traps are known as indiscriminate hunting weapons: They are terrible means of killing, and any creature might fall into it — from human and domestic animals (dogs, cats etc.) to rare species — lynx, badgers, etc. Even species on which hunting is forbidden — might fall into it. Many victims receive injury that is incompatible with life.

Usually it happens that the trapped victim gets injured, but not killed. So the hunter comes and "finishes" it. Taking decision not to waste expensive ammunition, hunter often finish off animals in a very cruel and inhumane ways that violates both National and International legal norms.

The Law of the Republic of Belarus, such as the legal Act  "On the animal world" (Article 7) establishes non-abusive use of flora and fauna, and prohibits inhuman methods of wild life treatment. The same principles are declared in the Convention on the Conservation of European wild flora and fauna and natural habitats, as well as in the other international treaties, signed and ratified by the Republic of Belarus.

This principle is respected by the European community and the majority of European countries proclaimed the use of traps as an illegal method of hunting.

Trapped animals experience pain and their suffering can last for days. Sometimes, in order to escape, they bite off the own paw. An example of blatant cruelty to animals in Belarus can be seen in the photo.

Based on the information above, we are voting against traps in Belarus and we kindly ask you to join us and support!

We are humans, and we have to behave like humans.

Sign up against cruelty!


Organizations that support the petition:

NGO "APB BirdLife Belarus"

Public organization "Banha"

Partnership "Green Network"

Ecological and cultural educational institution "Center for the Ethical Attitude Towards Nature"


(Photo: Reuters)

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