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Vince Cable: Save Our Royal Mail!

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I'm proud to work for the Royal Mail, I think it's a great British institution and it provides a vital service for communities across the country. But right now minister's are preparing to privatise our Royal Mail with no guarantee that the services we rely on will be protected.

I cover three delivery routes in Devon everyday supporting local businesses and residents. For some older residents I might be the only person they see all day and it's good for them to see a friendly postman saying hello.

If the Government sells Royal Mail then the services that many people take for granted will be cut. The daily delivery service could stop -- meaning some rural areas will only see their postperson a few times a week. The price of a stamp could go up, local post offices could close and the private companies might start charging much more to delivery to rural areas. People will be left isolated, UK businesses will be affected and jobs will be at risk.

Royal Mail has gone through many changes over the last few years -- our hours have changed, start times have been adjusted and we've been called to take on more work. It has been hard at times to keep up with the demands. But I'm really proud of how we have coped. Reports show that the Royal Mail business is in a strong place -- all the changes and hard work is paying off. Yet the Government is paying millions to the banks to sell off the Royal Mail.

Government ministers have the power to make sure Royal Mail services are protected -- from our regular delivery service, to the price of stamps, to our jobs. My union, the Communications Workers Union is working with a coalition of other organisations to protect the Royal Mail. I hope my petition will also show the huge the public support out there for the Royal Mail. Ministers have to listen to voters, if enough of us tell them we want the Royal Mail services to be protected they will have make clear guarantees -- after all it our still our Royal Mail!

So please sign the petition and help Save Our Royal Mail.

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