Stop ‘Harcourt Project’ Mining Exploration License

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A Perth-based company has applied for a mining exploration licence in areas of Elphinstone, Faraday, Harcourt, Metcalfe and Sutton Grange in the beautiful Mount Alexander Shire, Central Victoria. If you live in Melbourne, you may be familiar with the area if you have ever visited the popular town of Castlemaine.

We need to stop this mine before it begins, by calling on the government to deny this mining exploration licence.

If you live around the area, and don't want to raise your family near a massive hole in the ground, you can object to this mining exploration licence application here, by quoting number EL007262.

For everyone else, please sign this petition and share it far and wide to show your support for these communities of Mount Alexander Shire who do not want this mine.

Key concerns:

Pollution: Proposed mines may require major vegetation removal, loss of habitat and possibly erosion, sedimentation and potential heavy metal contamination of waterways and the potential for runoff from mine sites into waterways.

Contamination: If mining goes ahead in areas that have previously been mined or dug over, the new operations may release dangerous materials into the environment. Eg Arsenic occurs naturally in crushed rock. It is often found near gold deposits and is extracted as part of gold and other mining activities.

Rehabilitation: There are cases where companies have gone bankrupt and not properly remediated their mining operation.

Managing waste: If mining proceeds, either via open cut or shaft mining, large volumes of waste rock will be created, which will need to be stockpiled on site.

Noise: Mining is inherently noisy. How would it impact on quality of life and property values?

Social impacts: Where would the gold be processed? Would it involve lots of truck movements to the processing centre, with resulting impacts on road quality? What about safety issues of large roads on minor rural roads?

Thank you for your support

On behalf of concerned citizens of the communities of Elphinstone, Faraday, Harcourt, Metcalfe and Sutton Grange