Say NO to the proposed Great Forest National Park

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My name is Timothy Surtees, I am a sporting shooter, hunter, keen on fishing and love camping & exploring the Victorian High Country. If you, like me, are opposed to the proposed Great Forest National Park, then add your voice to the 10,000+ Victorians who have already signed this petition.

This proposed National Park is a threat to all lovers of camping, fishing, hunting (Deer & Pest Species), 4 wheel driving and dirt bike riding. If adopted, it will turn 355,000 hectares of what is currently State Forest or Crown Land into National Park. It will stretch from Kinglake, across the Yarra Ranges to Mt Baw Baw and north to Lake Eildon and take in all the State Forest around Woods Point, Thomson Lake, Noojee, Warburton and more.

The main justifications given for the creation of this Park is to protect the habitat of the Leadbeater's Possum, protect the old growth Mountain Ash Forests from logging & bush fires (but how the declaration of a National Park does this I have no idea) and protection of Victoria's water catchments. These are worthy causes, but there are other, more inclusive ways (protection orders, non renewal of logging leases, exclusion zones around water catchments) they can be achieved without the declaration of a National Park. Instead, this proposal is being driven by the State Labour Government to sure up support & preference deals with the Greens in the lead up to the next State Election, and by desk-bound conservationists in metropolitan Melbourne. It will result in us loosing access to vast areas of the Victorian High Country. We need to stop them!

The proposed park is also a threat to the countless number of small country communities that will be surrounded by it. In the words of one person who has already signed and left comment “The national park will kill all surrounding small towns. Eco tourism for this area is not sustainable. The green dollar isn't worth a cent. As a business owner, near a state forest, the green/Eco tourist provides almost zero economic benefit to my business and those in my town. Give me 1 carload of 4wds, hunters or campers compared to 100 greenies any day!

The death of many small towns is about to begin. I am not sure how a national park is going to save the possum considering it was a bush fire that made the most significant impact on their population. A national park is only going to make the fire hazard greater. Increased weeds, overgrowth and no firewood collection......... How is this going to help! It's time people in cities stop making decisions on the lives of people in the country.”

Don’t let your voice go unheard……. SIGN NOW!!!

Some, but not all, of the consequences of this proposal being adopted are:

  1. Camping will only be permitted in pre-determined, designated locations.
  2. Access to the area for Deer Hunting is not guaranteed, and is likely to be tightly regulated & limited.
  3. Hound Hunting of Deer is likely to be banned.
  4. The hunting of all Pest Species (rabbits, foxes, goats, feral cats & wild dogs) will be banned.
  5. Access to the area for 4 wheel driving & dirt bike riding is not guaranteed, and is likely to be limited to a few designated locations.
  6. Opportunities to go camping & taking the family dog with you will be severely limited.