Limit Abuse of Dallas Road Parking

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We live in a beautiful city with a beautiful park that is treasured by people throughout the region and is a popular destination for people to walk their dogs and play with their children.  Unfortunately this area is being improperly used and abused by people who are camping overnight in vehicles along Dallas Road and leaving behind their trash, including human feces.  These vehicles, and those who reside in them, are not respecting the park or local residents and something needs to be done to address the issue.  

Those who live in the area have been subjected to an increase in property crime and an increase in the amount of garbage, including human feces, that has been left behind.   Some have had the unfortunate experience of needing to access emergency veterinary care to address issues caused by drug contaminated feces.  The sense of security in this area has been reduced, and the ability for people to access and enjoy the area has been compromised.

Currently, there is a bylaw that prohibits camping in vehicles in Victoria - however, the bylaw enforcement has informed residents who have complained that the city has directed them to neither ticket nor tow offenders.

We love our neighbourhood, and need to see something done about this problem.  Please help us send the message that this is a park for everyone, and abuse of the neighborhood and environment won't be tolerated.