Logging will not proceed on and around Mt Bride

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The community of Warburton are going to STOP THE LOGGING of the proposed coupes on and surrounding Mt Bride.

Logging this area will REDUCE WATER SECURITY as the proposed coupes are within water catchment areas and it has long been recognised that logging has a negative impact on water yield.

If the coupes proceed the government is KNOWINGLY INCREASING FIRE RISK, as the micro climatic conditions will dry out the understory and the regrowth saplings will create more fuel.

The community will not tolerate this extra risk in an already fire prone environment. The proposed coupes will result in a huge amount of BIODIVERSITY LOSS - including the habitat of greater gliders - in a time when our precious flora and fauna need refuge more than ever.

Residents of Warburton do not want their mountain scarred by logging. With over 3000 jobs in tourism within the area this will DAMAGE LOCAL INDUSTRIES.

The Mountain Ash forests of Victoria's Central Highlands are one of the most carbon dense forests in the world. In the current state of climate emergency it is vital that these forests remain standing for CARBON SEQUESTRATION. Less than 6% of these forests remain in Victoria we cannot afford to lose any more. Sign if you agree the logging MUST BE STOPPED.