No to offline exams during COVID-19.

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1) Hostelers are scattered all over the state(some even outside). It is risky for students to travel by trains and buses, whose fares have been doubled!. Also, it is difficult for most of us to afford air travel.
2) If by any chance any student gets affected, he/she will have to bear all the expenses of treatment which is around 3-4 lakhs per person for 14 days. I believe this is a very huge amount for most of the students taking into consideration the fact that our parents' salaries have been reduced due to the economic conditions.
3) All these students will have to stay in hostels. No one knows what level of sanitization the hostels follow.
4) Also we have to share common bathrooms and food even though the hostels are sanitized due to these common resources there is a high risk for all the hostel students even if 1 person get affected.
5) We are currently in the midst of having our campus placements. Preparing for placements, semester exams and attending online classes at the same time is very tedious and stressful. It could lead to the students not performing well in any of the above.
Please do not take this as an offense sir, but our parents are worried. Most of us come from middle class families and cannot afford the expensive treatment the hospitals are providing. We are scared that we might bring home the virus to our siblings, parents and grandparents, who are not as immune as us. Students from all over the state and outside will be coming and gathering. The exams are scheduled to be conducted everyday so we don't know if there will be any time left to sanitize the benches we occupy after every exam.
For the past few months we students have been in total darkness. We have not been given any concrete information about the exams or the upcoming semester. Now, all we get are these exam dates. No idea about how we're going to travel. No idea about where we're going to stay. No idea whether it's safe or not. The lives of thousands of students are at risk and even one infected, innocent student is more than enough to spread the virus like wildfire. We students are forced to come out from the safety of our homes and face the virus. We are scared that it might have a lasting impact on us and our families. Not only the students but also the college staff(teaching and non teaching) are exposed to incredible risk.
Hope this letter brings to light our difficulties in these dark, testing times. All we ask for is for the semester exams to be conducted in online mode as the online classes have been very successful. In that case, we would stand a less chance of contacting the disease. We hope the authorities will take our view into consideration. We await a positive response.