Give TG4 back the broadcast rights to Avatar: The Last Airbender! #atla_gaeilge

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English / Gaeilge

Dear Viacom Media Networks,

I want you to know that TG4 has stopped selling Avatar: An tAer-Lúbóir Deiridh, the Irish dub of Avatar: The Last Airbender, because they no longer have the broadcast rights to the series. I was able to enjoy the show and join the large fandom because the show was dubbed into my native language.

Worse, it is reported that the voices fit the characters extremely well and that the dubbers also did an excellent job of converting the English poetry and wordplay into Irish poetry and wordplay. Very worse, the native speakers of Irish are made up of a small minority of the Irish people.

Giving TG4 back the broadcast rights to the series would help the re-release of the Irish dubbed show. The re-release of the Irish dubbed show would help with increasing the number of people who enjoy the show and the conservation of the Irish language.

Please use the hashtag #atla_gaeilge to spread your desire to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender in Irish.