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Permenatley Ban the Veterinary License of Dr. Mahavir Singh Long of St. Catherines

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This Petition is made to Permanently Ban the Veterinary License of Dr. Mahavir Singh Rekhi of Skyway Animal Hospital in St. Catherines, Ontario for his continual ABUSE and malpractice of the animals he took an oath for to protect and treat with honesty and care. We are calling on the Veterinary College of Ontario, Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, Humane Society, Province of Ontario, and all other stakeholders to come together and prevent this man from practicing on animals ever again. Lets have a voice for the animals who do not. 

Video Link Below: (Warning: Some Viewers may find the footage disturbing) 

Four former employees of a St. Catharines veterinary hospital are speaking out about their former employer, saying a veterinarian who choked and hit the animals in his care received a “slap on the wrist” for his actions. Dr. Mahavir Singh Rekhi, who practices at Skyway Animal Hospital on Welland Avenue, has been suspended for ten months after being found guilty of professional misconduct by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO) this summer.

His PENALTIES: "Rekhi must also pay the college $10,000, be retrained in the proper way to restrain animals, and will be subject to three unannounced inspections each year for two years. The suspension is for 10 months. The college will cut his suspension to four months after he completes the short retraining program and writes a paper about what he has learned."

Dr. Mahavir Singh Rekhi has been caught in the act during his cruel actions towards the animals he treats at Skyway Animal Hospital on Welland Avenue, St. Catherines, ON. His former employees decided to whistle blow and inform the public of his disgusting actions towards the animals he is supposed to be "treating". We are very thankful and proud of his employees (Jessica Hamilton and others) for speaking up and showing the public how he really has been abusing the animals during his "practice".

To give the public a background story on the situation involving Dr. Mahavir Singh Rekhi it begins a few years ago. Dr. Mahavir Singh Rekhi was a friendly individual when approaching his clients in the front but became a completely different man in the back said Hamilton. About three years ago, employees began to notice issues with how Dr. Singh was handling the animals but believed that they would have not have a strong enough voice or position, along with a lack of concrete evidence. During that three year time span, they video taped him in the back room abusing these animals. Jessica Hamilton stated “This isn’t that. This is violence. This is punching them. He was choking them. You swear an oath as a vet not to do anything like this. You are supposed to love animals.” 

In these videos Dr. Mahavir Singh Rekhi is seen choking, punching, hitting, throwing around a cat under anesthetic, dragging dogs into walls, violently abusing his animals. He had no remorse for his actions, and his response to nervous and scared employees was "The Dog Deserves it"

Dr. Mahavir Singh Rekhi knew what he was doing when he was physically abusing these animals and he should have to pay for the consequences. The underlying fact, on top of his actions is that he knew what he was doing, and he continued to do them for years until his employees came forward. He would still be doing this if he did not have brave employees. 

I'm calling for his Veterinary License to be permanently banned, because this 4 MONTH ban is embarrassing and sets a horrible precedent from the VCO, and he will go back to treating animals like this once he returns. His defence was getting his Vet License in Pakistan and that is how they treat animals there. Well this is not Pakistan and we have rules and regulations and if you want to practice is Canada you must ALWAYS Abide by our standards and by the VCO which he took an Oath, and broke it. 


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