Education, knowledge is power. One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world. Education is the key that unlocks all the darkness....everyone has the right to it ! Basic education on Animal Rights in ALL schools and communities should be mandatory & this syllabus should cover Veganism ~
What is being Vegan .... A person who does not eat or use Animal products ~

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The International Animal Rescue Foundation Global Youth Team Project Ambassadors main objective is to obtain more than a Million Signatories in acknowledgment of Sentient Rights, Human Rights to finally and rightfully correct the wrongs of Sexism, Racism & off course Speciesism ~

Letter to
Basic Education South Africa Soobrayan, Parmosivea Bobby, Mr
Environmental Affairs Director-General South Africa Ngcaba, Nosipho, Ms
Health Director-General of South Africa Matsoso, Malebona Precious, Ms
and 4 others
President of South Africa Jacob Zuma & other Heads of State, World Leaders, Ministers, Director Generals & Cabinate Members
Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia Department of Higher Education Malaysia
Ministry of Health of Malaysia Ministry of Health of Malaysia
Prime Minister's Department of Malaysia Dato Sri Haji Mohammed Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak (Prime Minister's Department of Malaysia)
Share the Wonderful LifeStyle of Veganism ~
Teach our Children, our People the world over that ...
Being Vegan is living life with humility toward All living beings. There is no discrimination between sexes, races and species. We are all the same. We are one, with the same thought processes, feelings and aspirations for life. We share the same right of passage. To do harm to one is the very same as to do harm to another. There is no difference. With an increasing demand leaning toward this wonderful lifestyle, we the public would recommend further education to be incorporated into school curriculums that would empower our Youth with the knowledge of health, humility, kindness, compassion and global climate change. Empower our Youth to make their own decision in finding their right foot forward through the power knowledge.
We are campaigning to share this wonderful 'word' (Veganism) with all who are involved in the food industry (from entry level up). All should be enlightened to it's source of good health ~
We are campaigning for respect in and on social media to show humility toward all sentient beings ~
We are campaigning for a wider veriety of Vegan options to be made available in all stores to the general public ~
We are campaigning for basic education on Animal Rights in ALL schools to be made mandatory and, this syllabus should cover Veganism ~
We want to share this knowledge with millions of strong supporters, in order to reach the 9 billion wide who still do not know about the horrors and the violence that is inflicted to all of our Animals daily ~
We believe that the lack of this basic knowledge is a huge contributor to world wide violence today ~
We believe that one Child, one Teacher, one Book and one Pen can change the world for the better for all living beings everywhere. Education is the key that unlocks all the darkness....everyone has the right to it. Basic education on Animal Rights in ALL schools should be made mandatory & this syllabus should cover Veganism. We strongly believe that this will promote less violence in today's volatile society ~
Thank you ~