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On Sunday July 12th, my 2yr old 8lb little dog Zooey was viciously attacked by a much larger dog breed while playing happily at New Brighton Off Leash dog park.  

She was all smiles playing with a new friend (even smaller then her) when the larger dog interrupted her play session and started biting at her. Unprovoked the larger dog decided to attack Zooey and within seconds she was dead. 

For 2 years I have taken Zooey to dog parks throughout the lower Mainland and have noticed some municipalities such as New Westminster and Richmond have sectioned off areas of the dog parks for smaller breed dogs.

We need to make this a mandatory change in Vancouver. All off leash dog parks throughout the city of Vancouver should have a section for Small breed dogs. They deserve to live and play without fear of being attacked and killed.

New Brighton Dog park can easily be transitioned into 2 sectioned areas. With its already existing 2 entrances all the city would need to do is add a dividing fence. Let's make this happen for Zooey.

As pet owners it is our duty to love and protect our animals. Let's keep our small dogs safe and make a positive change on behalf of Zooey.