Tell Steam Software to Ban the "Rape Day" video game

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Valve Corporation creators of the Steam gaming platform announced it would permit any software that was not illegal or "straight up trolling" on its gaming platform. Though this may have enabled software and game developers great latitude in creativity and expression of freedom of speech it should not be done without a moral and socially just conscious.

"Rape Day" an adult only title (which has not yet been released) allows players to "verbally harass, kill and rape women" through storyline gameplay.

In a time when our country is fighting to protect immigrants, women, young adults and the general public from sexual assault, violence and human trafficking video games should not encourage this lude, unlawful and disgusting subject matter to be a source of profit.

“You can’t reasonable [sic] consider banning rape in fiction without banning murder and torture,” the developer says.

Though violent games are intended for adult and mature audience, WE THE PEOPLE disavow this socially irresponsible action which breaches the social trust and responsibility of good corporate citizenship values of Valve Corporation. As such, we demand that the Steam network and Valve Corporation amend its policies to prohibit such horrific content from its gaming platforms.

Rape is not a joke, it's not a game and certainly not an opportunity for profit. Rape is a horrific crime against humanity.


Brett Kokinadis and Petitioners
Founder, New Mexico Democrats for Democracy