UWE Mandatory Climate Education

UWE Mandatory Climate Education

7 November 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Adam Edwards

Thank you for taking an interest in this petition! 

What is the problem?

The Global Context: The Climate Crisis

Currently there is a global climate and ecological emergency. The climate crisis is the greatest threat we have ever faced, and without intervention will lead to disaster, destruction and death on a scale not seen on this planet for millions of years. Climate catastrophe is already having a disastrous impact on communities across the world. This crisis will directly affect us all, it will affect our careers and our personal lives. Some reading this will be very aware of this fact, whilst others may not be. It is imperative that everybody understands the magnitude of the problem we are facing. Unfortunately, schools and universities generally fail to inform students about the severity of the situation, as do mainstream news sources. Recently, a successful campaign at the University of Barcelona has meant that all students will have to take a mandatory course on the climate crisis by 2024. You can read more here.


The context at UWE Bristol:

Although some great work has been done at UWE Bristol over the last few years to embed Education for Sustainable Development into courses, many of these courses are still ‘optional’ and therefore only attract students who are already interested in these issues. Therefore, many students leave UWE Bristol with no understanding of the climate crisis, how it will impact them, and what to do about it. As an institution of education, UWE Bristol has a responsibility to equip students and staff with the knowledge and skills to understand and combat the climate crisis.

“I have studied at UWE at since 2019, specifically in the business school, and I have received no education on this topic. After learning about these things independently I was angry that I was not told sooner, and scared for my future”
The Proposal: Mandatory Climate Education at UWE Bristol:

Whether or not students have education about the climate crisis at UWE Bristol can no longer be optional. Quite simply, we are asking for climate education for all students at UWE Bristol. But what would this look like?


We are campaigning for the following:

·         A mandatory course on the climate crisis for all students at UWE Bristol, which covers:

o   The magnitude of the crisis, based on the most recent science, but in an accessible format.

o   Climate justice and the social and economic consequences of climate breakdown.

o   How it is relevant to their chosen subject and career.

o   How students can take action to combat the climate emergency, linking to extra resources where necessary.

·         All staff at UWE to also receive mandatory climate education.

·         The creation and implementation of a training programme for academic staff so we can effectively achieve the above.

·         A properly resourced Task and Finish group to be created in order to meet regularly to enact the above by the academic year 2023-24. This should include academics and relevant staff at the university, which student opinion should also feed into.

A similar campaign was very successful at the University of Barcelona and if our campaign is successful, UWE Bristol will be a national leader in this space.

Ultimately, this is an issue where everything is on the line, so how could we not give everything to solve it. Thanks again for taking the time to sign the petition, without you this will not be possible.



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Signatures: 335Next Goal: 500
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