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USDAW, give Tesco staff back our right to be Consulted & Balloted on Pay & Conditions.

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Please sign this petition if you believe that the TESDAW Partnership is no longer fit for purpose and needs to end. And to show your lack of confidence in the current USDAW Leadership including the President and Executive Council that has supported it throughout the recent OUTRAGEOUS cuts to PENSIONS AND PAY.

Frustrated every time you hear a Tesco or USDAW Official say to the media (or you) that 'COLLEAGUES HAVE BEEN CONSULTED ON THE CHANGES' when the first time you have been allowed to know of any possible changes to your contract is after the changes have been agreed, by 5 people whose identities you are not allowed to know, with no route of appeal? Then the 'Partnership' is letting you down.

Fed-up of store-forums only discussing broken/missing equipment, and health and safety issues that should be taken care of anyway?

Fed-up of store forums being dictated to and controlled by Tesco Management?

Fed-up of a union that you pay for, being best friends with an employer that no longer cares about you? Then the Partnership is letting you down.

Fed-up of your hard-working, volunteer shop-floor reps not being given the proper training, support and knowledge that they deserve and need in order to fight for your rights and keep you informed? Then USDAW isn't working.

Fed-up of unelected Area Organizers (paid for by you) overpowering your volunteer reps at meetings and then deserting them when they need support on the shop-floor? Then USDAW isn't working.

Fed-up of your knighthood chasing Union leader 'Keeping Sunday Special' for everybody but you, and using your money to do it? USDAW isn't working

Fed-up of a Union Leadership that remains silent as a petition* of over 79,000 (and counting) of Tesco employees CRYS OUT about DEVASTATING PAY CUTS, whilst those responsible for the cuts are receiving OBSCENE BONUSES AND BENEFITS? USDAW ISN'T WORKING. (please give your support to this petition also).

Fed-up of a Union Leadership so out of touch with its members that a petition is even needed?

Fed-up of a Union Leadership that puts more effort into recruiting new members than it does fighting for its existing ones? New members (by the way) that it never intends to consult or ballot on their Pay and Conditions.

Fed-up of an Executive Council that always approves pay rises for the Union Leadership even whilst your Pay, Conditions, Benefits and Pensions are being eroded?

Fed-up of your union fees increasing even whilst your Pay, Conditions and Pensions are being negotiated away? THEN USDAW ISN'T WORKING.

Aware of the Sunday opt-out (Saturday night / Sunday morning opt-out for night workers)?

Aware of the Political Levy and how to opt-out of it? If not, these are such basic things, USDAW really isn't working.


We can be part of a great union, but that union can only be strong if we have a leadership that truly leads us and doesn't just hide in the shadows watching while its members are being financially bullied and contractually crippled.

We can be part of a great union, but that union can only serve its members if it knows how its members feel. So end the TESDAW Partnership and return to us our right to be consulted and balloted on our Terms, Conditions and Pensions.

If you feel that the Partnership has sunk and that USDAW won't work, PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION and maybe help us to be the great union that we deserve to be.

*I am writing this petition under a pseudonym to protect myself at work even though I am an Usdaw Member.


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