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Living Wage Should Not Mean Pay Cuts For Loyal Tesco Workers

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I have worked for Tesco as a General assistant for over 14 years and I am dismayed at the recent announcement of the up coming pay review. These changes will impact on colleagues basic pay. Staff who have worked for the company since before 1999 will have their Sunday premiums cut from double time to time and a half. Some night Workers who are contracted to Saturday and Sunday nights are set to lose thousands of pounds a year. Cutting of night premium 1 will impact on all twilight workers who currently work between 10pm and midnight costing them between £1.50-£3 a day. It will also mean a reduction of 79p a night for all night workers. Giving a 3.1% pay rise to some staff, 1.6% to night workers and a pay cut to other members of staff is not 'fair'. Tesco openly admit the cuts to long standing colleagues pay is helping to fund an across the board 'pay rise'. But for many staff it's a pay cut. The reduction/cutting of location pay is also going to impact many staff, some who work in areas where the cost of living is already extremely high. Offering a one off 'transition' payment of 18 months worth of the difference is not good enough. People have made financial commitments based on their take home wages, now they are having them cut they will find themselves in serious financial difficulty. Tesco should not be allowed to take money out of people's every day wages to fund a pay rise for 'some' colleagues. If they have to reduce wages then it should be done over a longer period of time, giving colleagues 5 months notice that they will be thousands of pounds a year worse off is quite frankly disgraceful. I hope with the support of others by signing this petition we can get Tesco and Dave Lewis to reconsider these sweeping pay cuts and not treat loyal staff as if they are not important to the company. Hopefully treating loyal staff in such a negative manner won't impact on their daily business. *I am writing this petition under a pseudonym to protect myself at work. 

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