Minimize the wait time for I-130 petition F2A Category.

Minimize the wait time for I-130 petition F2A Category.

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Started by Marcelo Pienere

The wait time for the approval of an I-130 petition for relative has become so frustrating.  Many families in United States are living without their spouses or children (Me in particular). the average wait time at the time of this petition is 21 to 27 months (more than 2years) just for USCIS to take action and give a decision. After this there is another long wait time at the level of NVC (national Visa Center), so the whole process is about 3 to 5 years.

This is really long! It is so difficult to be away from family, and the USCIS and NVC really need to think about this. I filed a Case since March 17th 2020 and until today USCIS has not still taken any decision. It is so frustrating living away from my wife and she can’t be allowed just to visit. 

my suggestion is:

 -If nothing can be done to eradicate the long wait time, they should At least give the opportunity to spouses out of Unites state to be able to visit their partners living in the United State once or twice in 12 months period.

-They should also facilitates documents for spouses waiting out of USA who have good educational level.

-They should just be fair enough and understand how hard it is to live away from spouse or children for years. 
please let’s get the families together. 

313 have signed. Let’s get to 500!