Petitioning Usborne, Buster, Igloo & other children’s publishers

Stop labelling children’s activity, sticker and story books as for girls or for boys


Titles like "The Beautiful Girls' Book of Colouring" or "Illustrated Classics for Boys" send the message that certain books are off-limits for girls or for boys, and promote limiting gender stereotypes.

How can a story or a colouring page be only for a girl or only for a boy? A good book should be open to anyone, and children should feel free to choose books that interest them. It's time to Let Books Be Books.

Letter to
Usborne, Buster, Igloo & other children’s publishers
Please stop labelling books, in the title or on the packaging, as for girls or for boys.

Children’s publishing should always aim to open up new worlds for children. But telling children which stories and activities are 'for them' based on their gender closes down whole worlds of interest.

We are asking you to stop labelling books this way and let children decide for themselves what kinds of stories and activity books they find interesting.

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