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USA needs Animal Cruelty Surcharge to help fund Spay/Neuter programs in Each State

Simple solution to reduce animal control costs and cruelty cases throughout United States: This will *not* cost the government a cent:  For each and every animal cruelty and/or animal ordinance violation, each State is to attach of a minimum of $15 per individual charge, to fund affordable spays/neuter programs in their State; $1 of this is  for Court Costs, as said programs are often cut in budgets due to the economy.

According to ASPCA, the United States spends two BILLION dollars *yearly* to run animal control, destroying 10 to 15 million dogs, cats, kittens and puppies as a socially acceptable means of population control. Every year, $2 billion tax dollars to kill perfectly adoptable pets.  Millions of stray and feral cats and dogs in the USA in every State: Apart from the spread of communicable diseases (rabies, ringworm, toxoplasmosis, etc.),  homeless pets are prone to animal cruelty as nobody watches out for them, which when reported is expensive to law enforcement to investigate; it's sad.  They are small, frightened, nowhere to go, vulnerable, always hungry and cold. We tire of seeing cat and dog carcasses on our highways and roads.

Countless Craigslist ads for “free to good home” dogs and cats end up as snake food, dog fighting bait training, vivisection, and  possibly under the guise of "chicken" and "beef" meat. (Many cultures do eat dog and cat meat.)

People also can be attacked by stray dogs. Spay/neutering prevents reproductive cancers and reduce incidences of dog bites.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

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