Dianne Durham Should be in the USA Gymnastics Hall Of Fame!!!!!!!!!

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Dianne Durham is the first Black woman to win the USA Gymnastics National title, in 1983, becoming Bela and Marta's first ever US national champion. She was injured and left off the 1984 Olympic Gymnastic team.

Dianne, born in 1968 rose to fame in gymnastics for her unique combination of power, with at that time for the Americans was lacking, and flexibility. Like some of her other more well known teammates her best events were vault and floor.

In 1983 after her win at Nationals, she got injured and had to miss the 1983 world gymnastics championship,  because of that when she got hurt again during the 1984 nationals competition... she was not able to petition herself into the next steps of being selected to the 1984 Olympic team. Therefore she was not even in the running to make that team. Never got to compete at the Trials, never got a chance to compete in the 1984 Los Angles home Olympics. 

For some reason, she has never been included in the USA gymnastics hall of fame and there is no reason she should not already be in the hall, but as of today she passed and it's only right they now include her.

Today February 4th 2021 Dianne passed away.... but we can keep her memory alive but getting USA Gymnastics to finally includes this amazing woman in the hall