Educational and Religious Diversity on Supreme Court

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Right now, every member of the US Supreme Court attended either Harvard or Yale Law School, and identifies with either the Catholic or Jewish religion. All are ethnically white or black. And President Trump has nominated yet another person who fits into this exclusive club.

Law schools are designed to mold your thought process and it is unreasonable for all members of the Supreme Court to have attended the same 2 law schools (one transferred to a different school before graduation). There are other quality law schools and outstanding graduates of lesser schools. Similarly your religious background is intended to affect your conscience and ideas of justice, and the predominant Protestant religion is not represented nor are less popular religions.. And it is getting to be time for someone whose primary racial identity is not white or black to sit on the Supreme Court.

Ideally, President Trump should withdraw his nomination of Brett Kavanaugh and submit a more diverse candidate. Apparently someone on his short list met two of the above conditions and a new search oriented toward diversity would find other highly-qualified candidates.

Otherwise the US Senate should reject Mr.Kavanaugh and tell him it's nothing personal, we just want someone with a more diverse background. There are already enough senators who will vote NO on ideological grounds that one or two senators that insist on diversity will be enough to make it happen. We don't need nasty confirmation hearings, just a quiet word to the president will be enough with elections coming up.