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US Immigration: Provide A Visa To Irish Reporter James Mahon

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James Mahon is the only immigrated Irish reporter on television today and he provides a unique perspective into the lives and culture of the American Society. His segment, entitled "Irish Eyes", is a shinning beacon of American Broadcasting, as it not only sheds light on how other countries view American culture but it also brings a wide variety of people together to learn about new experience and different types of people through "Irish Eyes". James Mahon is also a shimmering bright personality who takes away from the typical Irish stereotype. He is the type of person who can impact a society and open people’s hearts and minds through his thought provoking and candid reports, interviews, and unique perspective and experiences. Many of us who are not only fans of the broadcaster but consider him a friend, if only through the television, believe that Mr. James Mahon is an important message for all that the American dream is alive and well. He may have come to this country in an airplane instead of through Ellis Island but the dream is the same and he is making it happen and inspiring so many. At a time when moral and the economy are low and many citizens are losing hope, to see someone come to this country and work hard to make their dreams come true is inspiring. If that's not the type of person who deserves a visa, than I dare to ask who is? Mr. James Mahon isn't here to only do good for himself but he is inspiring a country one broadcast at a time.  

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