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WB/DC should refund fans for falsely advertising scenes that weren't in the final product

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WB/DC studios falsely advertised their Suicide Squad movie with specific footage/images of popular, well beloved characters such as, 'The Joker' and 'Katana' to draw millions of people in to go watch their movie, but only to find out that the advertised footage/images isn't even featured in the actual finished product. 

This is false advertising, blatant robbery, bait and switch. Thousands of people spent their hard worked money to go watch Suicide Squad, just so that they can watch the scenes/footage they were promised from the many TV spots and trailers released - but only to discover all that is nonexistent in the finished product. This is the list of all the footage/scenes in question:

-When Joker drops a grenade with his face all messed up and says, ''BYE BYE!''

-When Joker says, ''let me show you my toys'' as he smiles in a creepy manner.

-When Joker bangs his head on his car window.

-When Joker punches the roof of his modded Infiniti G35 with a Vaydor kit.

-When Harley Quinn says, ''I hope you have insurance''.

-When Harley Quinn asks the squad what drinks they want in the pub.

-A beautiful shot of Katana's eyes turning peach black.

-Epic slow motion shot of Katana taking in souls with her sword in a smokey fashion. (Done with fantastic visual effects that many fans just couldn't wait to see in the actual movie - but nope, doesn't exist in the finished product)

All these scenes were used to draw people in to go watch their product. But only not to even be featured in the finished product. WB/DC will then proceed to bribe fans with their, ''ultimate supreme golden turbo charged special edition directors deluxe cut'' blu-ray nonsense, of which people will have to pay extra money to get. Paying more money for a product you should have received on the first time out.

It's simple, if you advertise something, give people what you have advertised.

Join me, sign this petition and get your refund if you fill that you got robbed. It's time we end these unjust behaviours from these big time studios. If you have the means, sources and time like I do, go ahead and take this to court. 

My name is BlackPanther2016. I'm always here for you, i'll always fight for you. You all deserve nothing but great, fair cinema. For as long as I live, that's what you'll get.


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