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Urge President Obama to Protect Marginalized and Vulnerable Children


The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) lays out a comprehensive set of rights for children, and recognizes the essential role and importance of parents and families. The United States played a pivotal role in drafting the CRC, but 17 years later, the U.S. Government still has not ratified the treaty. 

U.S. ratification of the CRC will bolster the efforts of the world community in safeguarding our children. However, ratification cannot move forward unless President Obama orders a review by the Department of State before the treaty is sent to the U.S. Senate for advice and consent.

We are asking that the treaty be submitted to the U.S. Senate by November 20th which is both Universal Children’s Day and the 23rd anniversary of the Convention.  

In order to meet this deadline, the President must order the Department of State review immediately.  That’s why it is vitally important to show our support now – before time runs out. 

Please sign the petition and send a message to President Obama urging him to ensure the protections and rights for the most vulnerable and marginalized children!


Letter to
President of the United States
As a U.S. citizen who supports U.S. ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), I urge you to make it your priority to send the CRC to the U.S. Senate for its advice and consent by November 20, 2012.

Around the world, the CRC is an important tool to promote protections and rights for the most vulnerable and marginalized children and to support the importance of families and parents.

I believe that it will strengthen our Nation’s ability to help children overseas, and provide a framework to help us better address challenges facing children and families here at home. Mr. President, you are a champion for human rights and for children’s rights. As you know, the United States stands with Somalia as the only holdouts from ratifying the CRC, the most widely accepted human rights instrument in history. The conspicuous absence of the United States as a party to the CRC undermines our Nation’s international leadership role on behalf of children and families.

The United States cannot move forward on ratification, however, unless the President submits this treaty to the Senate for its advice and consent. Although Administration officials have promised to review the treaty, there is no specific timeframe for submitting it to the Senate. I ask you to submit the CRC to the Senate by the next Universal Children’s Day. The United Nations and its member countries observe this day annually to promote the welfare and protection of the world’s children. By sending the CRC to the Senate by November 20, 2012, Mr. President, you will demonstrate your commitment to the values enshrined in the treaty.

November 2012 marks twenty-three years since the UN adopted the CRC, and seventeen years since President Clinton signed it – I think that’s more than enough time to review this important


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