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Urge Pres. Obama to fire homophobe Jonathan I. Katz

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The Department of Energy has just appointed Jonathan I. Katz, an avowed "proud homophobe" to an elite scientific panel that is assisting British Petroleum with the oil spill disaster in the Gulf.

As reported in AmericaBlog, Katz has used his position as a leading scientist to publicly promote hateful views including that gay men (whom he refers to as "sodomites") are responsible for the deaths of "innocent victims" of AIDS (which suggests that gay men who die from AIDS are deserving victims).

Join CREDO and AmericaBlog in asking Pres. Obama to fire Jonathan I. Katz.

In his essay "In Defense of Homophobia," Katz writes of AIDS victims: "people died so the sodomites could feel good about themselves" and "I am a homophobe, and proud." He also compares being gay to being a member in the Ku Klux Klan.

President Obama's Department of Energy has created a panel of five top scientists to help resolve the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. Jonathan I. Katz is not representative of the best minds in America and should be replaced immediately.

The White House ever appoint a "proud racist" or a "proud anti-Semite" to a panel of experts, and showcase him as one of the best minds in our country. Nor should he elevate a "proud homophobe."

Please add your name to our petition asking President Obama to fire Jonathan I. Katz.

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