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The Matthew Shephard act was passed but in order to speed up the process of passing senate bill 909 it was added to a bill that will increase the military funding of the F-22 project. However President Obama has stated many times that he will veto this bill and any bill to increase the number of F-22s or spending on them; this means that he will veto the Matthew Shephard act when it reaches his desk. Senate bill 909 cannot be undermined by this congressional action, please sign this petition to urge Obama to keep his word on supporting LGBT people, their families, children, and their right to live in a country that does not tolerate terrorism whether foreign or domestic.

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Letter to
President of the United States
We the LGBT people and supporters have fought long and hard for this hate crimes bill to include sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability to protect the millions of Americans and their families. Just in the last month we have seen police beat and arrest LGBT for simply holding hands in public or attending their local hangouts. We have seen a man acquitted by a jury using the "gay panic defense" after he stabbed his gay neighbor 61 times, claiming he had a right to do it to protect his heterosexuality. This must end now! Only you can stop it.

But there is a problem. The senate decided to speed up this bill and include it with an F-22 program funding bill that you said you will veto. So now Mr. President you are left with a moral decision. Either you turn your back on us LGBT and Veto the bill, due to trying to cease funding for the F-22 program, OR you sign it into law and cease the F-22 funding in the near future. Justice has been too long delayed and denied to us LGBT, which can no longer be tolerated. Violence against us, our families and our children is on a sharp rise due to the publicity of our campaigns to be seen as equal and human beings. This bill cannot wait another year, month, or even a day. We are not begging you. We are not urging you. We are demanding, as American people, that you keep your word and sign this bill.

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