UPDATE: Join Official Brock Turner Rape Judge Recall Movement www.recallaaronpersky.com

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UPDATE: Join Official Brock Turner Rape Judge Recall Movement www.recallaaronpersky.com

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Mya Stark started this petition to Superior court of California and

Latest Update: This m-f'er just gave a Latino immigrant 3 years in state prison for a similar offense

We need to donate NOW to the official campaign to recall him led by Stanford law professor Michele Landis Dauber.

Yesterday Persky was removed from a new sexual assault case because of our protests.

In order for him to be recalled from the bench altogether, there needs to be a legal petition to get that onto the next ballot (November). 70,000 in-person signatures have to be gathered.


Stanford Law professor Michele Landis Dauber has launched an official site for the recall effort, please sign up here to continue being updated on how you can support. Our outrage IS being heard and IS having an effect, but if it fades away into short-attention-span Internet activism, it will not work.

If you live outside of Santa Clara, the best thing you can do is continue to deluge the State of California Commission on Judicial Performance with complaints about Persky's ethics violation (Bias/appearing to show bias toward a particular class).

This inaccurate and negative Buzzfeed piece should not be given credence when it says nothing can be done about Persky. Concerted and sustained effort WILL make our political process work. Watch this space for ways to help the recall effort if you live outside Santa Clara. 

Instructions at the end

Brock Allen Turner is the Stanford swimmer who was convicted of 3 counts of sexual assault (he was caught in the act by witnesses) but was only sentenced to 6 months in jail because Judge Aaron Persky was concerned about the "impact" jail time would have on his future. Meanwhile his victim is sentenced to a life of trying to overcome trauma and regain a sense of safety and self-worth. This judge is dangerous and those who abet rapists should not have a place in our judicial system.

This is important because we have a rare chance to actually consequence rapist-protector Aaron Persky and send a message to other judges that they can't get away with this.

More info on Judge Persky: This is not the only time he has shown bias in favor of student athletes. He was even a part of the athletics program at Stanford as a lacrosse coach. His inability to remain impartial in the face of his personal prejudices is well-established.

The powerful letter the victim read aloud in court can be read here. 

To file a complaint: 

Fill out this form, print out, and mail.

What to write:

Date, Name, Phone Number, Address
Attorney's Name: N/A
Attorney's Phone Number: N/A
Court: Superior
County: Santa Clara
Name of case and case number: THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA vs. BROCK ALLEN TURNER, Case no. B1577162
Please specify what action or behavior of the judge... is the basis of your complaint: Appearance of bias toward a particular class: Persky sentenced fellow Stanford alumnus and athlete to an unusually lenient sentence of 6 months for a unanimously guilty verdict on three counts of sexual assault. Despite Mr Turner being caught in the act. Inappropriate comments on the bench: "a prison sentence would have a severe impact on him ( Brock Turner)" in relation to why this convicted criminal would serve such a short sentence. Present: Judge Aaron Persky, District Attorney Jeff Rosen, Defense Attorney Mike Armstrong, Brock Allen Turner, Jane Doe, others.

Print out and mail to:
Commission on Judicial Performance
455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 14400
San Francisco CA, 91402

PS: Another petition to have Persky removed, this one to State Senator.

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This petition had 99,781 supporters

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