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Asking the G20 to endorse the citizens’ propositions with Up for the Planet

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International summits have come one after another, yet none of the major challenges that future generations will face are taken seriously!

It’s urgent to take action! That’s why the Positive Planet Foundation launched the first edition of Up For The Planet, to listen to citizens around the world and collect their suggestions.

Our priorities:

Protect the environment

Build a sustainable economy

Improve living conditions for all

The global public consultation that took place for 3 months, until March 1st, allowed the emergence of 20 concrete suggestions in order to defend future generations.

Discover the suggestions for future generations : https://en.upfortheplanet.org/

If you wish to support this project and take action, the right time is now!

Help us present those 20 suggestions to the leaders of the G20 countries: sign and share the petition !

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